Animal Store Alphabet Book at Local Flavor Bookstore in Boyne CitySo here’s our book on the shelf at the Local Flavor Bookstore in Boyne City, Michigan. Doesn’t it look fantastic? That old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is pure bunk. We all judge books by their covers. Covers are the neon signs of books. They’re what catch our attention. And we think our cover looks great, both on the shelf and online.

We love being online, and are thrilled when someone buys a copy of our book through our online shop. (Please feel free to pause here and go buy a copy right this minute.) But there is something truly magical about seeing our book “live” on the shelves of a bookstore. Magical and important. Why?

I’m glad you asked. If you’re reading this blog, then you are online. Likely, you spend a good deal of your time online and maybe even do some or most of your shopping online. But let’s not forget local independent shops. Brick and mortar stores:

  • let you see and feel a product, like our book, and get a sense of its heft and quality (which is excellent, BTW).
  • provide service, steering you in the right direction and answering your questions.
  • support your community. When you buy local, those sales taxes that we are loathe to pay support your very own schools, parks, roads and other public services. Not to mention that you are providing jobs for the owners and employees who live and work in your community, and also pay taxes.

So, if you live in or visit Boyne City, buy the Animal Store Alphabet Book at the Local Flavor Bookstore. If you’re in the North Shore area of Chicago, buy us at The Book Stall at Chestnut Court. In the near-north Chicago area, we’re at The Animal Store. In Lansing, Michigan, stop into Preuss Pets and ask for a copy. In Atlanta, find us in the Zoo Atlanta gift shops.

We believe in independent retail. We’re doing our best to support it. We’re working to get into other independent retail stores, and hope to be near you soon. If you want to buy a copy of our book through your local retailer, ask them to stock it. Here’s our wholesale information.

And if we’re not near you yet, feel free to buy us online through the Animal Store Alphabet Book Online Shop.

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