Susan Bearman

Communications Consultant • Writer • Editor • Teacher • Mama • Reluctant Pet Store (Co) Owner

Just the FAQs

  • Pets — Hazel the dog, a soft-coated Wheaton terrier; one real cat (Pekoe) and the other cat that was not her idea and who she doesn’t really acknowledge, but treats kindly (Tea). Plus, of course, all the animals at The Animal Store, which her children claim are not really pets because they are for sale. At least they say that until she informs them that they are also for sale. Click here to read a funny story about “For Sale” and the chance to win an Animal Store Alphabet Book Bag.
  • Favorite writer—Esme Raji Codell.
  • Favorite artist—Rebecca Hamlin.
  • Age—nice try.
  • Husband—one.
  • Children—two great step children (boy and girl), twins (boy and girl), boy, boy — that’s six, if you’re counting.

Can you hire her? 

Yes, for writing, editing, to learn how to blog and social network, and other marketing communications things (but she does not do windows). Email her for more information.

What else has she written?

Almost everything. Visit her blog and her website to learn more.