Buy the Animal Store Alphabet Book Kickstarter iconOnce upon a time, there was a writer, an artist, and a pet store. One day, the writer asked her husband, the pet store owner, for a list of all the animals he had in his shop. Why? Because as a writer, she liked words, and this list was full of interesting animal names.

While playing with these words she made an inspiring discovery. The Animal Store has at least one animal for every letter of the alphabet. Well, in the mind of a writer, that meant only one thing … it was time to write an alphabet book.

The Animal Store Alphabet Book

By pure serendipity, the writer happened to be related to an artist, and shared her idea and the list of animals. In the mind of an artist, words and animals inspire all kinds of beautiful and interesting images.

Watch the Animal Store Alphabet Book Trailer

They chose an animal for each letter of the alphabet. The writer wrote about them, in verse and in prose. The artist painted them on vibrant canvases. And together, they created the Animal Store Alphabet Book. To see some of the magic, watch the video in the right sidebar or click on the blue play button.

Everyone knows the wonder of poring over the words and images of a colorful picture book. To live happily ever after order your copy of the Animal Store Alphabet Book today.


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