Ernie, the Animal Store Alphabet Book spokes fish

We’re thrilled to share the first review of the Animal Store Alphabet Book, written by Kim Molfsky at The Maker Mom.

“I received my copy of the book today and it’s a winner. From Amphibian to Zebra Finch, the book introduces a variety of animals, through colorful images and informative rhymes … When my boys were younger, I loved bringing home books like this that could engage them on many levels–looking at pretty pictures, listening to the flow of the rhyming words and learning about our world. Escape from our busy time-crunched, screen-filled world by snuggling up with your little one and a good book like this.”

On the Good Books for Young Souls blog, Wendy said:

“Book-ended between the poetic opening and closing verses are pages full of unique and exciting pets, pictured within chunky alphabet letters, described in rhyme, and framed by fascinating facts! I love this book—the illustrations and rhymes make science fun—who can resist?” Read the full review here.


See more reviews on Amazon. Our favorite quote (so far) from our Amazon reviews:

“I got this book as a gift. My 5 year old old just loves it. He insists on reading the “big” writing (i.e., the animal names) while Mommy gets to read the descriptions for each of the animals, making this a great book for us to do together and practice his reading together.” — Cera


That’s right, people think we’re a good read. Cindy said: “The Animal Store Alphabet Book is a wonderful picture book that little ones will want to read again and again! A perfect gift for all 3-8 year olds with enough interesting facts to satisfy inquisitive young minds.”  (read more here).


And here’s just some of the feedback from our earliest supporters on Kickstarter:

“I absolutely love the book. I will be ordering several copies for my friends who have had babies. I work in a veterinary clinic, and everyone loved the book.” — Mila

“My AnimalStore Alphabet Book arrived yesterday, and it’s beautiful! The cool facts that rim the illustrations really make the book stand out for me. And the illustrations are amazing.” — Jan

“It’s so very creative with the clever rhymes and the words going round the page. I have to say, I’m learning stuff I never knew about these creatures! The book is fun and informative and the pictures are gorgeous.” — Carolyn