Animal Store Alphabet Book Purple FinchA little birdie told us that schools and teachers love visits from authors and illustrators who know how to teach and who understand curriculum.

Susan and Rebecca are both experienced teachers and would be delighted to visit your classroom to talk about writing and art. We are available for presentations to your group, classroom, or school. We can tailor our presentation to any age group and would be happy to work with you on integrating our program into your curriculum.

We have created programs for all ages, from pre-K through middle school, including:

  • introducing children to the many animals humans keep as pets
  • basic pet responsibility
  • how to make your own alphabet book
  • how picture books are made

Locally, we are able to bring in a representative from The Animal Store with live animals. This program has been used in conjunction with science classes, geography (where do these animals come from), personal responsibility, and even anti-bullying campaigns.

We are local to the Chicago area (within a 50-mile radius), but willing to travel anywhere if you are willing to provide expenses. We are particularly interested in visiting warm-weather climates during the months of January, February, and March. The animals do not travel outside the Chicago area.Animal Store Alphabet Book Bird Nest

Please email us for more information on our programs and fees, or to schedule a visit.

Click here for information and free classroom goodies to use in conjunction with the Animal Store Alphabet Book.