Here’s a roundup of the Animal Store Alphabet Book in the news and around the web.

The Hope Institute for Children and Families

“The Kindergarten halls of The Hope Institute Learning Academy in Chicago, are now filled with creative and colorful alphabet letters! Hope would like to thank Rebecca Hamlin, the artist who donated these beautiful paintings.

Ms. Hamlin created the alphabet paintings as illustrations for the Animal Store Alphabet Book, a fun, fact-filled ABC book … ” read more.

Hannemanics: Rookie Parents in an Overbooked Life
Good Deeds 2012: Week 38 Animal Store Alphabet Book

“Good Deed: Supported Kickstarter program for The Animal Store Alphabet Book by Susan Bearman and Rebecca Hamlin.

Have you heard of Kickstarter? I had, but had no idea what it really was …” read more.



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