Rebecca Hamlin

Artist • Designer • Teacher • Mama

Just the FAQs

  • Pets — Right now, she has a yellow canary named Chico and two guinea pigs. In her life, she has had a rabbit, a turtle, two ducks, about a million mice, a snake, a bunch of goldfish, and four cats. Click here to tell us a funny pet story for a chance to win an Animal Store Alphabet Book Bag.
  • Favorite artist — Faith Ringgold.
  • Favorite writer — Susan Bearman.
  • Age — old enough to have had all those pets.
  • Husband — one.
  • Children — two boys.

Can you hire her? 

Yes, if your project is really interesting. Email her for more information.

What other kind of art does she do?

Almost everything. Visit her website, chichonia, to learn more.